15 Wellness Wish List Ideas

I always preach that wellness isn't a product it's a practice, but that doesn't mean we can't treat ourselves to some self-care products! Here are my top 15 Wellness Wish List ideas to give some inspiration for what to get your loved ones this holiday season, as well as help you form your own list :)

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1. Silk Sleeping Mask ($15.99)

A perfect dupe for the more expensive, "Slip" silk mask!

2. 5 Minute Gratitude Journal ($7.99)

Make practicing gratitude even easier (and faster) with this 5-minute journal.

3. A Unique Incense Holder ($17.88)

Such a creative gift idea for the incense-lover in your life (or yourself). Comes in many different styles (waterfall, coy pond, dragon).

4. Shower Steamer ($6.68 each)

Move over bath bombs, there's a new sheriff in town: shower steamers! You've seen the trend of adding eucalyptus to the shower, but it's not always easy to find fresh eucalyptus leaves. Add one of these babies to your shower and reap all the eucalyptus benefits while supporting a small business!

SECRET SANTA (Under $50)

5. Scandinave Spa Day At Home ($30 and up)

Were you looking forward to visiting the relaxing Scandinave pools this year? Well have no fear, you can still purchase a kit from Scandinave to have the perfect spa day at home!

6. Worry Journal ($26.72)

Know a chronic worrier in your life? Are you a chronic worrier? Then this is the perfect gift! This journal includes a selection of helpful prompts to help manage anxiety and let go of what's out of your control.

7. Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set ($22.95)

This jade roller and gua sha set is perfect for at-home self-care days and comes with a cute travel pouch. Comes in different shades of green as well as in pink!

8. 20oz. BPA Free Glass Tumbler ($20.67)

Move over Starbucks, this glass tumbler not only looks super cute but also is plastic-free and BPA free. Perfect for iced coffee (and water).

9. Digital Planner ($25)

Give the gift of organization this holiday season with a themed digital planner. Perfect for those of us that are looking for more ways to reduce paper in our lives. This gift also supports a small business!

SANTA BABY (Under $100)

10. CAUSEBOX Subscription ($54.99 per quarter)

I love this subscription box over most of the other ones because this one includes products that are environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, and support small/local businesses. If you want to get a peek at what's inside, there's tons of unboxing videos on YouTube.

11. Spa Day at Hammam Spa ($100 and up)

This middle-eastern inspired spa has a large selection of packages in order to help you build your most perfect and relaxing spa day. Gift certificates are also available for purchase.

12. Spiritual Charm Bracelet ($51 and up)

I love this bracelet from Karma and Luck because each red string bracelet sold provides 3 meals for those in need. Also, the evil eye charm deflects negativity while the amethyst gemstones are associated with healing, calming energy, stress relief, and health. All stones are fair trade and each piece is blessed by a singing bowl.

13. Skincare Fridge ($66.99)

The perfect gift for the skincare lover in your life. Products like facial oils and some serums can oxidize and go bad quickly so storing these products in a skincare fridge can increase their lifespan. Also a great place to store your facial roller and gua sha for an extra ~soothing~ effect.

HEY BIG SPENDER (Under $250)

14. Massage Gun ($129.99)

Do I need to say more?

15. Muse Meditation Headband ($239.99 and up)

This headband provides real-time biofeedback on your brain activity (EEG waves), heart rate, breathing, and body movement via their smartphone app in order to help effectively improve your meditation practice.

Do you have any of these? Which ones are your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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