Meditation Q&A with Dr. Nancy Salay

Link to resources mentioned in interview:

Pema Chödrön --

Chögyam Trungpa   --

Jack Kornfield -- (The book mentioned is called A Path with Heart)

Another good place for more on Buddhism and meditation:

Link to Dr. Nancy Salay's meditation course:

Free your Self: Sharpen and Expand your Mind with Meditation for a reduced rate of $12.99 (regular $59.99):

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Wellness is not simply a state of being, but rather a conscious, goal-oriented pursuit that spans throughout one's life. 

Additionally, when we feel good, we do good; and that is why I think it's also important to discuss wellness in the context of functionality.


Feeling good in its own right is amazing, but it's even more amazing when feeling good translates into being more present, successful and thriving in our everyday lives. 

With that being said, let us go on this journey together. Come with me as I learn from healthcare professionals and wellness experts, discuss the latest research, and share what I've learned from my own experiences. 




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