VLOG: How to organize your life with Notion (+ free template)

In my Instagram poll the other day I noticed a bunch of you voted that you wanted to learn more about how I organize my life with Notion (and how you can do the same). I figured I'd use this opportunity to film my VERY FIRST VLOG!

So, recently I've been looking to move my paper planner over to a digital one (since the rest of my notes and school life has been digitized). I've been really struggling to find a (free) digital planning app that is super customizable and allows me to organize multiple dimensions of my life (school, morning routine, cleaning, etc.)... until I discovered Notion.

Notion not only looks super cute and aesthetic which makes me feel more motivated to use it, but it's very intuitive to use, super customizable and allows for multiple pages of planning within a single page. Notion comes in both website and app form, where the app also has the capability to be added as a widget (for those with IOS devices).

In this video, I'll walk you through how I organize my Notion, how to customize your Notion to best suit your schedule, as well as where to find the free template. Let me know in the comments if this was helpful and if I should do more vlogs in the future!

Links: My Notion inspo (+ tutorial): https://www.youtube.com/results?searc...

Templates: https://linktr.ee/rijhaaa